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About Us


Our family consists of my husband and myself our three grown children and two young daughters still at home. Added into that mix are our 4 Aussies and 5 cats. Growing up I had the most amazing family dog. I’m positive I could have done anything to that dog and he would have taken it, I’m also positive he would have protected me from anyone and anything that tried to harm me. He was an Australian Shepherd/Old English Sheep Dog cross. When I became an adult and started my own family I wanted my children to have the same experience of a loving furry protector as I did. I tried to find the same crossbreed as my childhood dog, but had no luck and got a purebred Australian Shepherd instead. Her name was Annie. For 13 years she never left my side. Shortly before her passing, I decided that I wanted to provide these amazing companions for other families. And so Mo Chridhe Aussies has come to be. Breeding both standard and miniature Aussies for people who are looking for a loving, intelligent, loyal dog to be part of their family.

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